Welcome to our blog

Hi and welcome to our blog!

We created this blog because we believe that the analysis of Swedish politics is too often dominated by (a) people who do not actually study the issues that they comment on and (b) that most commentators are not very apt at placing Swedish politics in a comparative and cross-national context. For the second purpose, we also want to make it possible for students of Swedish politics from outside of Sweden to join the discussion. Most of our posts will be in Swedish, but some of the post will be written in English as we believe many of the topics raised in this blog will be of interest for a wider (non-Swedish speaking) audience. Blogging will be more frequent in times of government formation, but we will nevertheless post continuous commentary and analyses of political events, as well as important background information. Let’s see if we can make a contribution on both of the points above. If not, we will simply shut down the blog, we promise!

The blog is founded by four principal investigators working on Swedish projects about coalition politics and governments in parliamentary democracies. The four are:

Hanna Bäck, professor, Lund University, and her projects on The Ideological Cohesion of Parliamentary Parties and Yes Minister! A Survey of Cabinet Ministers’ Influence on Social Policy in Seven West European Countries.

Torbjörn Bergman, professor, Umeå University and Södertörn University, and the project on Governments in Europe.

Johan Hellström, assistant professor, Umeå University, and the project on Representative Democracy in Europe.

 Ann-Cathrine Jungar, associate professor, Södertörn University and the project From the margins to the mainstream: Populist radical right parties and government formation in Europe.

Two PhD students also work within these projects and they are also members of the interim board of this blog: Anders Backlund, Södertörn University, who works within the Jungar project at Södertörn. Daniel Walther is a PhD student in the Hellström project and also has his own blog, where you can read about politics and predictions, trefyranio.